Monday, July 11, 2011

Burning Man 2011 - Rites of Passage

Hello All,

This year has had some unfortunate bumps in the road, including the permanent loss of one of my tickets to Burning Man 2011 - Rites of Passage. A low income ticket had been approved and was being sent to a friend in California. However during the delivery process some complications changing the normal way a ticket should be delivered, the ticket went MIA, with the post-office registering that it had been signed for by a Mhazen . . . not sure how that would have happened as I've been in Hong Kong for the last 8 months . . .

Long story short, I've had to bite the bullet and purchase a new ticket at full price, by fronting myself some money out of other resources.

If you would like to help support my journey for 2011 out to the playa, and support would be welcome to help compensate for my unfortunate losses with the Postal Service and ticket services.

I was really hoping that it would not come to asking for the support of fellow burners, but this time around the ticket I had secured was swiftly stolen from me.

Thanks for any support, or donations in any amount, helping me get to the Burn successfully this year will put the biggest smile across my face, and I hope yours as well, as we will get to burn bright together this year on the playa.


Captain Elmo Blade

The Link is on the Right side Bar. much love! and requests for compensation, such as fire performances, hand-crafted beer coozies, giant hugs, or anything . . . can be added to the message field.


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